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Vintage Buttons 18 Pcs Mixed Colors Acrylic Two Hole Flat Sewing Crafts Clothes

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“Vintage buttons removed from old clothing. Like new, stored in a container for a long time.”

Use these vintage acrylic buttons in a mix of colors for sewing projects and/or crafts. There are 18 pieces in this lot, and they are flat with two holes. They are in very good condition, and you will receive exactly what is shown.

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Buttons #1493

Item: 18 pcs. buttons
Condition: vintage – used but like new, removed from old clothing and stored in a container for a long time
Materials: acrylic
Color: red, pink, orange, teal
Type: 2-hole
Sizes: 21mm x 4mm
Hole Sizes: 2mm
Weight: 26 grams (0.9 oz)
Shapes: round, thin, flat