14 Pcs Bright Yellow Mixed Beads Murano Style Glass Cat Pendant


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14 Pcs Bright Yellow Mixed Beads Murano Style Glass Cat Pendant

Create your own beautiful, personalized, one-of-a-kind, handmade jewelry with this assorted lot of 14 bright yellow beads and one pendant, or use them in gorgeous crafts, mosaics and other art projects. Beads also look great in planters and vases, and add a touch of color to your home or garden. These beads are suitable for a variety of styles and themes, such as summer, spring, Easter, and more.

The pieces in this mix are made from lovely Murano style glass and alloy metal. They range in size from 45mm to 13mm, and are a variety of shapes such as lentil, heart, twist, etc.

You will receive exactly what is shown. For more information, please refer to the detailed description below or contact us 🙂

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Bead Mix #1039

Item: 24 pcs. mixed, loose beads and one pendant
Condition: new
Materials: glass, metal
Colors: bright yellow
Bead Sizes (mm): 31x13x6, 25x24x15, 23x20x8, 19x19x6, 17×11, 15, 13
Bead Hole Sizes: 1mm to 5mm
Weight: 76 grams (2.7 oz)
Shapes: lentil, heart, triangular, twist, tear
Uses: jewelry, arts, crafts, mosaics, garden decor, home decor

$5.99 CAD + shipping



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