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Beach pottery (or sea pottery) are shards of pottery or other clay and ceramic objects that have been found on the beach and weathered over time by surf and sand. Beach pottery is treasured by jewelry makers, mosaic artists and other arts and crafts people. Next time you’re at the beach, run your fingers through the sand, or look through a pebble patch, and you just might find some pretty beach pottery πŸ™‚



Buy it now – Pentagram pendant


Create your own beautiful, personalized, one-of-a-kind, handmade jewelry with this large, beautiful metal alloy Goddess pendant. Or use it in gorgeous crafts, mosaics and other art projects. This bronzetone pendant is 48mm x 34mm in size and is suitable for Pagan, Wicca and other occult-themed jewelry. You will receive exactly what is shown.

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Pendant #1645

Item: 1 pc. large pendant
Condition: new
Materials: metal alloy
Colors: bronzetone
Size: 48mm x 34mm
Weight: 8 grams (0.2 oz)
Shape: Goddess, pentagram
Uses: jewelry, crafts, arts, mosaics, home decor, garden decor

$1.29 CAD + shipping