4 Pcs Medium-Large Authentic Pale Aqua Sea Glass Beach Glass Surf Tumbled Mermaids Tears




4 Pcs Medium-Large Authentic Pale Aqua Sea Glass Beach Glass Surf Tumbled Mermaids Tears

“Pieces of broken glass that ended up in Lake Ontario a long time ago, and have been weathered over time from the elements. They have never been used for any purpose since the time they were collected.”

Create beautiful jewelry, crafts, mosaics and other art projects with these medium-large sized pieces of genuine sea glass. They are also lovely in terrariums, in the garden in planters and flower pots, or just add them to your collection of beach finds. Sea glass also looks great around the home in vases or as decor, adding a touch of coastal charm.

This lot features four pieces of pale aqua sea glass of unknown origin, but they are probably from a broken bottle or window. They were picked by us from the beaches and shores of Lake Ontario and are softly-rounded edges from surf and sand, but there are some rough or unfrosted spots. See the photos for how they look dry and wet.




Sea glass is created when pieces of glass end up in a large body of water, where over time they become weathered and frosted from the constant motion of waves and sand. It can take many years for nature to work its magic on the glass pieces. They are very collectible, and the better frosted they are, the more valuable and coveted they are. Perfectly surf-tumbled sea glass is used in high-quality jewelry, where rougher pieces are more suitable for crafts. The pieces in this lot are considered “craft grade”, but they would be suitable for jewelry as well.

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Sea Glass #1564

Item: 4 pcs. sea glass
Origin: glass pieces possibly from a bottle or broken window, found on a Lake Ontario beach
Condition: recycled
Materials: glass
Color: pale aqua
Sizes (mm): 32x20x11, 30x18x12, 27x22x13, 26x24x15
Weight: 46 grams (1.6 oz)
Shape: thick, round, oblong, irregular
Uses: arts, crafts, mosaics, jewelry, home, garden, decor, terrariums, collectible

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