Bonfire Glass


“Bonfire glass is what is left over of glass that is thrown into beach bonfires. The glass melts and morphs into irregular shapes and nuggets, and is further changed by the sand and surf of the beach.”



Buy it now on Ebay at 25% off :-) 1 Pc Authentic Sea Glass Bottle Bottom Half Beach Find


Buy it now on Ebay at 25% off πŸ™‚ 1 Pc Authentic Sea Glass Bottle Bottom Half Beach Find

β€œBeach find, not previously used in any arts, crafts or jewelry projects.”

Add this large, half-circle, authentic sea glass bottle bottom to your collection of beach finds, or use it in crafts, mosaics, terrariums and other art projects. The origin of this piece is unknown, and it was found on a Lake Ontario beach. It is surf-tumbled fairly well, except for a few rough spots along the edges. The photos show how it looks dry and wet.


Sea glass is created when pieces of glass end up in a large body of water, where over time they become weathered and frosted from the constant motion of waves and sand. It can take many years for nature to work its magic on the glass pieces. They are very collectible, and the better frosted they are, the more valuable and coveted they are. Perfectly surf-tumbled sea glass is used in high-quality jewelry, where rougher pieces are more suitable for crafts.


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Sea Glass #1423

Item: 1 pc. sea glass
Materials: glass
Color: aqua
Size: 77mm x 41mm x 13mm
Weight: 56 grams (2 oz)
Shape: thick, round, half-circle
Uses: arts, crafts, mosaics, jewelry, home, garden, decor, collecting, terrariums

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